Service Packages

These comprehensive check and preventative maintenance packages pick the most important tasks to keep your bike running smoothly and give you peace of mind for future rides or that special trip or event.
All services may be supplemented with other work or fitment of parts and accessories as desired. We are always happy to discuss the requirements of your bike and your riding free of charge.

Service 1

Service 2

Service 3

From £48 – Tune up and inspection for bikes that see light use, or between major services

From £72 – Annual fettle for well used, fair weather bikes

From £120 – A comprehensive tune-up for all weather workhorses

Service 1Service 2Service 3
Wipe down and inspect frame & fork
Wheels – check for bearing play, clean and lube QR skewers
Check accessories (mudguards, bottle cage, racks etc) are securely attached
Chain wear gauge check
Visual check of chainrings, sprockets & jockey wheels
Check cassette is secure
Check freehub body for worn / rough bearings and freewheel function
Adjust derailleurs as necessary
Check security of crank arms & pedals
Ensure security of brake and gear assemblies on handlebars
Check function of brakes & adjust
Check function of gears
Inspect brake blocks / pads for wear
Inspect rim / disc rotor for wear & damage
Check security of brake caliper bolts
Inspect gear & brake housings, brake hoses for damage / leaks & correct length
Inspect inner cables for damage / corrosion
Check bottom bracket for loose / rough bearings
Bolt torque check (to manufacturer spec)
Clean & relube drivetrain
Check for loose spokes and true if necessary (On Bike)
Check headset for play and bearing wear and adjust
Lubricate components as necessary (brake & derailleur pivots, brake levers & QRs)
Inspect tyres for wear and damage and check valves & tyre pressures
Inspect handlebars and stem for damage and correct installation
Road test
Check saddle, bars and levers position to rider
Report and recommendations for any further work
Remove and clean / lubricate headset bearings
Check function of suspension forks, rear shock, pivots & inspect external seals and parts for wear / damage.
Disc brakes – remove pads and clean caliper. Lubricate moving parts if applicable.
Clean and lubricate brake and gear cables where possible.
Remove seatpost, clean and apply anti seize.
Inspect saddle rail and clamping bolt torque / security check.
Adjust saddle, stem and handlebar position to rider preference.
Disassemble and inspect / clean / regrease hubs & freewheel (where possible)
Wheel truing in stand.
Full bike clean
Replace gear cables (note extra charge for retaping bars)
Remove rim brake calipers for clean / relube
Disc brake clean
DI2 / Shimano STePS diagnostic
All mechanics are captured humanely from sustainable sources
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