Alley Cat

InstructionLocationMaximum bonus
Do something cool at the skate park – the cooler it is, the bigger the bonus. Video it or photograph it!
55.936674, -4.148885
Write down or photograph what’s unique about the unique bridge55.939735, -4.1511945
Ride down some stairs. Video it.Anywhere. Try and guess the scoring system!20
Grab a selfie with a farm animal or wild animal in shot.Anywhere10
Ride both sides of the canal and prove it!Anywhere (next to the canal)10
Re-enact Titanic – silly photos mean bonus points. 55.934898, -4.16124210
Have a break. Or at least prove you were here.55.958544, -4.08502310
Find the Roman toilet and take a photo to prove it.
Near 55.959476, -4.071630
Name the grotto, or at least get a photo of it.55.964492, -4.04427220
Bag a minor trig point. Take a photo.55.960598, -4.06938910
Ride (or walk the bike) down a trail that starts here – photos, videos or Strava link or it didn’t happen!55.955248, -4.07385320
Buy and consume the best mid ride snack or refreshment. Selfies please!Anywhere10
Get back and upload the evidence onto Marina Cycles Facebook for judging – or email if you don’t do Facebook! by 4pm or lose 10 minutes per minute!
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