Treasure Hunt 2022!

InstructionLocationMaximum bonus
Do something cool at the skate park – the cooler it is, the bigger the bonus. Video it or photograph it!
55.936674, -4.148885
Write down or photograph what’s unique about the unique bridge55.939735, -4.1511945
Ride down some stairs. Video it.Anywhere. Try and guess the scoring system!20
Grab a selfie with a farm animal or wild animal in shot.Anywhere10
Ride both sides of the canal and prove it!Anywhere (next to the canal)10
Ride as slowly as possible across the bridge. Record your time.55.934898, -4.16124210
Have a break. Or at least prove you were here.55.958544, -4.08502310
Find the Roman toilet and take a photo to prove it.
Near 55.959476, -4.071630
Name the grotto, or at least get a photo of it.55.964492, -4.04427220
Ride Castle Hill Forest Gump,
Strava it, or prove it with loadsa photos
55.960598, -4.06938940 per lap. 100 for KOM
Ride (or walk the bike) down a trail that starts here – photos, videos or Strava link or it didn’t happen!55.955248, -4.07385320
Buy and consume the best mid ride snack or refreshment. Selfies please!Anywhere10
Get back and upload the evidence onto Marina Cycles Facebook for judging – or email if you don’t do Facebook! by 4.30pm or lose 10 minutes per minute!
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